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About FSBO

Welcome to the FSBO NFT website, the premier platform for buying and selling real estate without the hassle of traditional intermediaries. Our platform leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a decentralized marketplace that puts buyers and sellers in control. With less middlemen involved in the transaction, you can expect reduced closing times, decreased errors, and updated maintenance records.

To download your wallet, click the following link: https://fsbonft.com/downloads/fsbocoin-qt-windows.zip

On the FSBO NFT website there are options to either “Download Windows Wallet” or “Download Mac Wallet”.  

The steps for Windows installation:  

  1. Click the Download Windows Wallet button on the FSBO NFT website 
  2. Open the FSBO NFT-wallet-windows.zip file  
  3. Drag the file FSBO NFT-qt.exe to your desktop, or any other location in which you want to retain it for easy access.  
  4. Double click the file FSBO NFT-qt.exe to open it 
  5.  Click “run” when asked for permission to run this software. That should complete the download.  If you have problems completing the download, please email support directly at support@fsbonft.com. 

The steps for Mac installation: 

  1. Click the Download Mac Wallet button on the FSBO NFT website
  2. Open your Downloads folder, and find the file FSBO NFT-wallet-mac.dmg
  3. Double click the file FSBO NFT-wallet-mac.dmg to open it
  4. Drag FSBO NFT-Qt to your Applications folder
  5. Open your Applications folder and double click FSBO NFT-Qt to run the program
  6. If you receive a message that you cannot run the program because it is from an unknown developer, go to System Preferences, then Security & Privacy, and click the General tab. At the bottom, you will be able to create an exception and allow the program to run. Do so, and you should then be able to run the program. That should complete the download. If you have problems completing the download, please email support directly at support@fsbonft.com.

After either a Windows or Mac installation of the Wallet, open the “receive coins” tab. You will see a Label and Address Bar. You can use the “address” provided and create a new label, or click on the “add address” tab on the lower left hand side to create a new address and create a new label.  

Once you have completed this step you need to copy the “receive coins” address which consists of a series of numbers and letters and provide it to the support team by e-mail. The email should be addressed to support@fsbonft.com. The email requesting receipt of coins into your wallet should include your full name and “receive coins” address from your wallet.  

It is of critical importance to maintain this address in a safe place for future reference as it cannot be recreated by the FSBO NFT support staff and the coins cannot be retrieved. 

The coins should appear in your wallet within 24 hours. 

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