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Utilizing blockchain technology, our platform establishes a decentralized marketplace, empowering both buyers and sellers. With fewer intermediaries in the transaction process, anticipate shorter closing times, fewer errors, and updated maintenance records.

What We Are Offering

FSBO has crafted its products and services with a focus on catering to the preferences we would personally choose. These offerings are extended to ambitious global citizens globally. Our objective is straightforward: furnish accomplished entrepreneurs and investors with top-tier services aimed at addressing their challenges, encompassing tax reduction, obtaining second citizenship, international real estate investments, and embracing the nomad lifestyle.

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Establishing Footprints All Over The World

Millionaires, digital celebrities, and accomplished founders looking to decrease their tax burden and establish an international contingency plan rely on the expertise of FSBOLOCITY. Our focus lies in ethically and legally minimizing your tax liability, diversifying and securing your assets, expanding your passport portfolio, and optimizing personal freedom.

Transparency At Its Best

Stay ahead in your upcoming transaction with secure and verifiable funding for both bank transfers and cryptocurrency.


What Our Client Says About Us

I've experienced traditional homeownership in the past, going through the conventional process. Comparing that experience to this one is like night and day! Not only did we secure a fantastic deal with this purchase, but the entire process was remarkably streamlined and easy.
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This platform possesses the capability to connect your deed to the blockchain, rendering it unique and immutable. This ultimately enables you to sell your home as an NFT, ensuring quicker and safer ownership transfers compared to traditional methods!
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We successfully acquired this condo as an NFT through the FSBO platform, and the entire team was consistently available. Any questions we had were promptly addressed, with responses within minutes. It was an exceptionally positive experience.
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Business Class Services

Close your next real estate transaction with business-class services by the FSBO team.

Counsel, not gimmicks

We’re not here solely to promote services. We serve as impartial mentors, unique in our commitment to informing you when our services may not be necessary.

Clients have approached us believing they needed to invest $100K+ for citizenship, only to discover a more cost-effective method or realize they didn’t require it at all.

As consultants dedicated to your best interests, we offer straightforward advice for a fixed fee.


While many companies claim to be “Holistic,” none offer the comprehensive 360-degree service that FSBOLOCITY provides. We redefine second citizenship to align with your lifestyle and global aspirations. As your consultants, we prioritize unbiased advice, flat fees, and absolute transparency—not sales tactics.

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Discover a range of product offerings to enhance the potential of your real estate business.

NFT Marketplace

List and market physical properties on the internet as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Stay informed about FSBO and the evolution of next-generation real estate technology.

Resource Center

Detailed guides, ebooks and educational videos for the modern real estate professionals.


NFT avatars for the real estate agents with holder benefits.

Crypto Agent Certifications

Understand cryptocurrency and blockchain for your benefits.

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Get in touch with experts in the industry and learn more about blockchain technology and real estate.


Our expertise has assisted clients in achieving their objectives across more than 100 nations, including:
Relocating to countries with favorable tax conditions.
Securing dual citizenship.
Safeguarding assets on a global scale.
Exploring investment prospects.

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